MentorsTec is a company specialized in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, data integration and migration solutions. We have high performance in open source solutions with an emphasis on development with Pentaho Community Edition and Power BI.

  • BI solutions using the most appropriate tool for your business;

  • Data Warehouse (centralized database);

  • Big data;

  • Data integration between applications;

  • Data Science - Intelligent data analysis using statistics and AI algorithms;

  • Training in BI tools (Pentaho, Power BI and others)




Business Intelligence

BI Solutions - Business Intelligence, contribute to organizations from the extraction, mining, transformation and enrichment of their data, creation of performance indexes (KPIs) to the presentation in the form of graphs and dynamic panels, in an efficient way, so that managers can easily analyze and decide for the highest profit or the lowest loss.

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Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse concentrates data from several structured systems and databases, on different platforms. The data before being stored are filtered, normalized, reorganized and summarized to form a reliable and complete database.


Data Integration and Migration

It is common for companies to use several systems, as each has its specific segment of activity and the information from these systems must communicate with each other. When this is not done automatically, there is a need to insert the same information in more than one system, generating the delay in the processes and the risk of divergences in the information.


Outsourcing resources for BI projects

Finding qualified labor for projects is one of the challenges of many organizations. Hiring professionals to allocate to projects does not always seem to be a good decision, especially in specific projects of the organization.

We have proven experience in Business Intelligence projects. From the formation of your Data Warehouse to the output in panels, graphs and interactive reports.



All market segments can benefit from the use of management panels and graphics with indicators that assist in decision making. Below are some examples of benefits in each segment.


Financial services

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Ensure Compliance

  • Sell more financial products to your customers


Health Care

  • Reduce medical costs by understanding patient behavior and preventive care

  • Improve bed management

  • Prevention and action against disallowances by healthcare operators

  • Improve equipment investment management



  • Fraud Prevention

  • Make risk analysis more clear and simple

  • Improving opportunities (selling new insurance, products and services)



  • Look for ways to better understand your customer to reduce migrations

  • Recommendations to customers (selling new products and services)

  • Revenue guarantee (revenue leak)



  • Look for ways to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs for your assets

  • Product quality and defect tracking

  • Increase energy efficiency


Supplemental Health

  • Collection of information about patients and treatment for preventive care

  • Cost analysis by specialty

  • Evaluate average ticket for each plan



  • Better understand your customers' buying behavior

  • Improve your loyalty programs to make them more attractive

  • Identify advertising channels with the best results


Real Estate

  • Improve the offer of properties based on what customers are looking for

  • Show areas of greatest demand for rent / purchase and property standards on the map

  • Evaluate each broker's performance by directing the best ones to specific clients





BI can be applied to administrative, financial, medical staff and patient care. It offers a detailed analysis and a better interpretation of the real needs of the clinic or hospital.



To act in residential, commercial or public works, with the speed and assertiveness that only Business Intelligence provides you with speed and precision in decision making, are the fundamental factors that determine the company's success.

We are a family owned and operated business.


By extracting data stored in various sources, we transform its content into valuable elements for the quick evaluation of commercial performance, strategic vision and in supporting decision-making in projects related to goals, indicators, objectives, initiatives and actions.



Solutions for data integration and graphic panels for agribusiness



The day-to-day life of a brokerage firm includes a lot of information about clients, policies, values, commissions, proposals sent, etc., that is, it is a lot of data that, to be used, need to be separated by category and only then interpreted .

We are a family owned and operated business.



Monitoring the production process of an industry, identifying bottlenecks and presenting production indicators is a challenge that already has a solution. BI projects can contribute to the end-to-end management of your business.